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Industry 4.0 digital maturity quiz

Complete our digital maturity quiz to find out what Industry 4.0 level your company's in.

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    Technical & Data Readiness

    Data generation & connectivity 100%   75%   50%   <25%
    Most important machines an equipment have sensors      
    Machines and equipment are connected to internet      
    Data generated by machines & equipment is being stored in a database      
    Machine & equipment downtime is captured      
    Serial numbers or batch numbers are available      
    Defect data is captured      
    Each process step (result data) is being stored in the congruent frequency      
    Cloud & Security Strategy 100%   75%   50%   <25%
    Databases (that store machine & equipmente data) are securely accessible from outside the company      
    Other key data sources (ERP, MES, MRO, supplier data) are securely accessible from outside the company      
    There is a policy that allows to work on the cloud      
    A system is enabled to segregate sensitive data from routine data OR my company doesn’t need data segregation      
    Data Awareness 100%   75%   50%   <25%
    Organization has adopted a long-term data management and analysis strategy      
    Documentation or experts exists to interpret the data coming from the machines and how that maps to the physical process      

    Organizational Maturity

    Commitment & Budget 100%   75%   50%   <25%
    A company's champion is committed to the success of this project (sponsor)      
    Plant leadership is committed to the project’s success      
    There is a clear digital strategy and digital transformation is a corporate priority      
    Industry 4.0 initiatives that are communicated to IT and OT teams arise from the digital strategy      
    IT will allocate resources to achieve project success      
    Sufficient budget has been allocated to flow data into a database and create history      
    Sufficient budget has been allocated for the data analytics (ML/AI) project      
    Skills & Resourcing 100%   75%   50%   <25%
    Technical experts in the company’s manufacturing process are available and willing to help with context and validation      
    We have access to experts who understand which sensors and machines to connect and what kind of data they want out of the machines      
    We have access to IT engineers for connecting sensors to networks and data storage      
    We have staff to manage how data is stored and accessed      
    We have data scientists who can interpret and draw insights using analytics tools      
    We have access to staff who can develop custom data applications needed in the factory      
    Change Management 100%   75%   50%   <25%
    There are Industry 4.0 training programs planned for OT and IT teams      
    There are incentives for acquiring new skills on emerging technologies      
    Our production process has defined KPIs      
    We have the right leadership empowered to implement process, staff, and product changes to implement value identified by analytics