Quiero saber más sobre cómo preparar a mi empresa para seguir operando. Busco habilitar mi operación remota y garantizar mayor seguridad a quienes aún deben asistir a planta. Para mayor información ponte en contacto con Abril Sherman ( o déjanos tus datos en este enlace y en breve nos comunicaremos contigo.

About Us

We are an innovation studio that builds Industry 4.0 solutions to transform your business.

Our Vision

To change Mexico’s current low-cost manufacturing model into an innovation-oriented one. We want to be part in shaping industry’s future.


Gesta Labs was born to solve business problems.

We do not sell technology, we build end-to-end integral solutions that optimize processes, transform companies and improve people’s work.

Your data is our raw material. Challenge us to solve your problem.

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