Industrial IoT, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence for the industrial sector

We create end-to-end Industry 4.0 solutions. We use the best of emerging technologies to optimize processes or create new business models

Transform your plant into a smart factory

Industrial IoT

Extract and visualize data in real time

Big Data

Exploit large volumes and types of data

Artificial Intelligence

Optimize, predict and monetize

Start your transformation to Industry 4.0

Regardless of your company’s digital maturity level, we can help you start or move forward in your journey to become a ‘smart factory’.

We cover every step of your 4.0 journey

Sensorization and Connectivity

Sensors are installed on equipment, connectivity hardware is enabled and relevant variables are generated in real time.

IoT Optimization

Equipment’s performance and control is enabled by Industrial IoT platforms.
Data in real time is being extracted often by an OPC and analyzed with condition monitoring and defect analysis.

Big Data Enablement

Millions of unstructured and structured data are being generated and need sufficient storage and processing. State of the art big data tools are implemented in order to exploit the data.

Artificial Intelligence as an Advisor

Machine learning or deep learning algorithms are applied to solve business problems by operations predictions or process optimization based on historic data. Human experts receive advise for smart decision making based on data from these algorithms.

Smart Factory Enablement

Equipment connected 24/7, AI algorithms analyze the data and make decisions, automated adjustments are being made. Low human intervention is needed.

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Our Clients

“Gesta Labs was the ideal partner for our incursion into Industry 4.0 and the beginning of our digital transformation journey”

– Juan Carlos Vela, Chief Information Officer at Ragasa

Strategic Alliances

Our company has strong alliances and partnerships with global technology firms, which allows us to build business solutions that combine highly specialized Mexican talent with the most advanced Industry 4.0 technologies.


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